Court Grants Summary Judgment In Favor Of Ryan & Ryan, LLC Client In Federal Discrimination Case

The United States District Court for the District of Connecticut recently granted the summary judgment motion that Ryan & Ryan, LLC filed on behalf of its client, an automobile rental company at Bradley Airport in Hartford.

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleged that he was subject to discrimination and harassment due to his national origin, and that he was subsequently retaliated against on account of his opposition to said discrimination and harassment.

Ryan & Ryan, LLC conducted fact discovery and marshaled support for the defense theories that (a) the Plaintiff failed to demonstrate a prima facie case of discrimination; (b) a number of the alleged discriminatory events were untimely; (c) the Plaintiff failed to demonstrate that the Defendant had knowledge of any opposition to any alleged discrimination of the basis of national origin; (d) the Plaintiff failed to establish a causal connection between any protected activity and his termination of employment; (e) any alleged harassment was not sufficiently severe or pervasive so as to rise to the level of a hostile work environment; and (f) the Defendant promptly undertook measures to combat any harassment to which the Plaintiff had allegedly been subjected.

Thereafter, Ryan & Ryan, LLC submitted a written motion for summary judgment. David A. Ryan, of Ryan & Ryan, LLC presented oral argument in support of the motion. Judge Stefan R. Underhill granted summary judgment in favor of Ryan & Ryan, LLC’s client as to all of the Plaintiff’s claims.