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Court Grants Summary Judgment In Favor Of Ryan & Ryan, LLC Client In Federal Discrimination Case

The United States District Court for the District of Connecticut recently granted the summary judgment motion that Ryan & Ryan, LLC filed on behalf of its client, a machine and metal component company in Milford, Connecticut.

In the lawsuit, the Plaintiff alleged that she was subject to discrimination based on her disability, that her employer refused to provide a reasonable accommodation for her disability (wrist and knee injuries), and that she was retaliated against on account of her filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Ryan & Ryan, LLC conducted fact discovery and marshaled support for the defense theories that (a) the Plaintiff failed to demonstrate a prima facie case; (b) there were legitimate non-discriminatory business reasons for altering the plaintiff’s job duties; (c) the employer reasonably accommodated any alleged disability; and (d) the plaintiff failed to establish conduct sufficient to support a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Thereafter, Ryan & Ryan, LLC submitted a written motion for summary judgment. Judge Victor Bolden granted summary judgment in favor of Ryan & Ryan, LLC’s client as to all of the Plaintiff’s claims.